Choosing The Right Glass For Your Window

Posted on: 5 July 2016

Replacing a window can be a tricky task because of all of the different types of frame and glass that are now available. People tend not to use cheap wooden frames and single pane glass, as this is not energy efficient and can lose you money over time due to poor insulation. Here is a list of 3 different glass choices to help you to make an informed decision about what is best for you, your family or your business. 

1. Insulated Windows And Gas Fillings

Often known as double or triple glazing these windows use two or three panes of glass that are spaced apart, sealing air in between the panels to help with insulation. This method helps to lower the SHGC and the U-Factor which relate to the efficiency of the window, their insulation properties and how much heat and light they let in from outside. Some companies prefer to fill the space between the panes with a gas fill. Usually argon or krypton are used, as they have better thermal properties than air and reduce heat transfer over time, helping to further reduce home energy bills.

2. Reflective Window Coatings

You may have seen windows in hot climates or on buildings with a lot of direct sunlight covered in different coloured coatings. This is known as a reflective window and is used to reduce the amount of solar glare that enters the room. This can help to keep the room cooler as well and is common in office blocks and meeting rooms, which can heat up quickly due to body heat. However some tints are also used to absorb heat as well as reflect it and so careful attention should be paid to which colour is used as different amounts of light and heat will be affected depending on the colour. 

3. Low-e Glass

Low-e Glass is covered in an invisible metallic coating that helps to reflect heat back into the room and can improve energy efficiency dramatically. According to double-glazing-info Low-e Glass can reduce heat loss by up to 40% compared to double-glazed insulated windows. 

With so many different options available today it's difficult to know what solution to choose. Speak to a company, like Stevens Glass Pty Ltd, who can install your windows and research various options online to see what best suits your needs. Many windows are designed to save money over time so consider them a long-term investment that will help to keep your home or office comfortable and energy efficient.