Why Glass Pool Fencing Costs Vary

Posted on: 29 September 2015

Some homeowners wonder why the glass pool fence installation cost they have been quoted varies from the quote that other homeowners were given. A homeowner may think that he or she has been overcharged if such disparities are not explained. This article discusses some factors that create differences between one installation job and another.

The Specification of the Materials Used

A layperson may not easily tell the difference between the materials used to install two different glass pool fences. He or she may therefore expect to be charged the same rate for materials, yet the materials chosen are different from those used to make another pool fence. For instance, you may be charged more if the thickness of the glass you select for your pool fence is greater than that used by another person.

The Number of Gates You Want

Another factor that affects glass pool fencing costs is the number of gates that you would like that fence to have. Each gate requires specific materials. For instance, each self-closing gate will need materials onto which it will be anchored since the contractor will not just cut a hole through the glass and insert the gate there. Such details in the design of your fence will ultimately make it near impossible for the cost you incur to be similar to the cost that another person incurs for his or her pool fence.

Removal of the Old Fence

The cost of removing the previous fence also affects the installation cost of the new glass pool fence. For instance, you may have had steel bars that have to be excavated from the vicinity of the pool. That cost will be included in your estimate and it is likely to be higher than the cost of removing a removable wooden fence that another person had prior to installing a glass fence.

The Warranty Period

Homeowners have come to expect warranties each time they buy a product or have an installation done. Glass pool fencing contractors also provide a warranty and that warranty may affect the price you pay for that pool fence. For instance, a longer warranty period may come at the cost of a higher rate per metre of the fence when compared to a shorter warranty period. You should therefore compare the pool fence warranty of another homeowner with your own before you can say that you were overcharged for the same job.

The best way to get value for money is to research different contractors before you pick one to install your pool fence. You will realize that each installation job is unique from any other job, so costs can almost never be the same.

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