Kitchen Colour Tones | 4 Colour Ideas for Your Frameless Glass Kitchen Splashback

Posted on: 29 September 2015

A frameless glass splashback produces a look of minimalistic class, while functioning as a protective layer to prevent walls from getting stained with food and oil spills. Frameless glass has an especially elegant appearance because there are no visible grooves and hinges. While clear frameless glass is a popular choice, many homeowners like the idea of introducing pops of colour into their kitchen through their glass splashbacks. This colour guide is deigned to help you choose the right colour tone for your frameless glass splashback.

Glorious Red Inspires Strength

Red is considered a strong colour that is full of vigorous energy. It works perfectly well in all-white or neutral kitchens where you want to introduce a hint of bold colour. Red is also known to stimulate the appetite and promote conversations, making it an excellent colour choice for glass splashbacks in kitchens. Since red is such a strong colour, it can be overpowering in the room, so you should only use it on one large feature like a kitchen splashback with a few smaller matching accessories.

Bright Yellow Brings a Cheerful Demeanour to the Room

Yellow is a fresh and happy colour that brings cheerful brightness to any room. Since brightness is a necessity in kitchens, a frameless glass splashback in a shade of yellow would be a welcome addition. Because of its vibrant and versatile nature, yellow tends to blend in well with most colour palettes, but it looks especially good when paired with warmer colours like reds, purples and browns. If you have neutral kitchen décor, a bright yellow splashback could add colourful character to the room.

Tranquil Blue Stimulates Serenity

Blue is known as a colour that stimulates peace and tranquility –– factors that are necessary when you're cooking in a hot kitchen. Easy on the eye, blue can make any room pop open with cool colour –– making it a good splashback choice for kitchens with neutral or minimal décor. A blue frameless glass splashback would go exceptionally well against fresh white or pale yellow kitchen walls.

Classic White is a Decorator's Delight

You absolutely cannot go wrong with the colour white for your frameless glass splashbacks because they go phenomenally well with every colour available. This light and enthusiastic colour is a popular choice with homeowners who like the idea of a conventional all-white kitchen or want to introduce minimalistic décor to the space. And don't stress too much about maintenance –– white on a glass splashback can easily be wiped down to look as good as new every time.

Use these colour ideas to help you choose the right one for the frameless glass splashback in your kitchen.