3 Things You Should Consider When Your Windscreen Gets Damaged

Posted on: 10 November 2015

The windscreen in your car isn't merely there to protect you from wind and objects. It's also very important that you can see properly through it. If your windscreen is broken or miscoloured, that could affect the safety while you're driving. That is why you should make sure your windscreen is in proper condition at all times.

Get new wiper blades often

The wiper blades for your windscreen are one piece of equipment that could get worn or break from extensive use. They might last up to two full years if you're careful, but to make sure you're always operating with wiper blades in top condition you should change them once a year. If they were to break when you really need them, like during a rainstorm, that could cause a lot of trouble until you can get to a shop where you can get your hands on new ones.

Repair as soon as possible

If you get a crack on your windscreen, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. Even a small crack in the wrong position could make your vision significantly worse, but if the crack is allowed to keep on growing the problem is going to become worse as well. Small cracks are possible to repair by filling them with clear resin. It doesn't heal the crack completely, but it does make the visibility a lot better. Larger cracks could be impossible to repair, or still cause problems with visibility even if they were repaired. If a rock damages your windscreen, take it to the shop as soon as possible. Even if the glass is only chipped, it's better to get it repaired at once.

Replace your windscreen

If you do get damage on your windscreen so severe that you have to get it replaced, it is possible to do it yourself. However, fitting a new windscreen is difficult and might be too much for you to handle—especially since it's hard to establish exactly which size and model of windscreen you need.

The safest thing is to hand your car in to a shop. They are able to tell exactly what type of windscreen you need for your car. If you still want to do it yourself, you should still talk to windscreen repair companies to get the right type of windscreen. You could be able to tell if it's the wrong shape or size, but things like thickness of the glass and which types of adhesives are appropriate for the rubber fittings around your windscreen are harder to tell if you haven't got any experience in this type of work.